Death Throes

by Vertical Section

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Paragon 04:14
i've got what you can't have i've got this in the bag i'm gonna make you starve you'll never get this far trust me, i'm in control trust me, i'm in the fold trust safety as a slave i make sure you behave you're here for me to save follow the ways i pave i want you so afraid this is a masquerade i've been perfected since long before i am the reason i'm every war i'm just protecting the old ideals the wealth and power the ancient seals
Breeder 03:44
you're so young, you don't realize how little you know, how little you've tried they say it needs a chance to be born but not for the sake of itself or your lord more meat for the grinder, this people machine more sheep to be led in this same routine i wish you'd ask yourself if this world needs another you i think the answer is "no" in every way you might be wondering if this applies to you yes it does and i wish you'd go and die away is this your flock, is this your herd soaking up your mind and your words? you say this was your reason to live but you have no wisdom of your own to give if this is the case then why, please why do you spread yourself when you spread your thighs?
Skeptic 03:52
i know the meaning of life it doesn't mean anything except the edge of a knife unraveling everything if there is something that i'll never be someone who would blindly believe if there is something that i'll never do i would never ever ever put faith in you every fork in the road is a branch on a tree the only things i'll ever know are the ones i can see everything that you believe to feel safe, to fill a need to give control to something else so you don't have to blame yourself you are the cult of the naive the perpetually deceived hypnotized and unaware the source all human despair
A Warning 05:04
i know what you're afraid of: the enemy within as the tipping point comes closer and the obvious begins i'm looking into the future as the wheels begin to turn and there's nothing that i'd rather do than to see it all burn i won't give in to you 'cause i don't really have anything to lose this greater good is only good for you so you covered my eyes to hide the truth when this all ends i will be there without a god to hear your prayers let this be a warning delivered right on time i'm gonna shine a light up high and reveal all your crimes the future of this world will not be defined by a spoiled crop of greedy swine who think they are the fucking divine find every fucking one it's time to collect on all your debt
The Pump 04:01
your fast food art it has no heart it's easy to eat but there's no meat you see the name the one with all the fame but there was a team they had a lucrative dream you want them, you need them to hypnotize and show you the way the way to be and what to believe but without you they are nothing they show you the money violence and skin and then repeat it so it's sinking in this beat delivers because it pumps your blood if greed is a river this is a flood
Storm 04:13
Death Throes 05:16
in your life you never get to see it in your life you never get to be up so high that dreams are below you up so high you'd never want to leave in front of you you can't see it's overdue but it's guaranteed we've passed the turning point in a prison of repeating our mistakes we're bound to disappoint our grand ideals through habits we can't break i wish there was a way to change this path and finally be awake but this can't be delayed it's speeding up and everything is at stake this thing is alive but it can't see the sum of primal desire complex emerging simplicity out of energy and set to expire don't want to know you won't believe the death throes while i grieve


released January 25, 2011

Copyright © 2011, Joel Day.


all rights reserved



Vertical Section Seattle, Washington

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